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Mrs. Streeter

"Good Grief!"  I've been teaching at St. Margaret's School for forty-some years now - about as long as good ole' Charlie Brown and his pal Snoopy have been around!  One only has to visit my classroom to observe that I'm a great fan of the entire "Peanuts Gang."  I believe that my philosophy of education is grounded in the simple yet profound characters created by Charles Schulz - just as Jesus' "simple" parables hold such a deeper meaning for us as His disciples.  To me, every classroom seems to contain the vulnerable and innocent Charlie Brown who always seems to mess up but keeps on trying...  The candid and often direct Lucy, who although stubborn, usually comes around...  The inquisitive and sincere Linus who's childish wisdom astounds and moves us all...  The talented Schroeder whose concentration and tenacity inspires us...  the social awareness of Franklin who brings cultural diversity to the gang... to Pigpen who stays true to himself despite the opinions of others... and of course, the ever loyal and faithful Snoopy, who watches over all the gang -  never judging, always accepting.

If one looks around, they're all present in every classroom - the Marcies, the Sallies, the Peppermint Patties, and more, all living and learning and finding happiness together.  It  falls to me, as their teacher, to find the individual in each and every one, to make them love themselves and one another, and to help them, in my small way, find the path to their true potential as citizens of the world and children of God. 

Mrs. Marcia Crader-Streeter