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How you can help SMS financially…….

Did you know that you can help St. Margaret’s financially? Here are a couple of ways that you can help us that you might not have though of.
1. United Way of CNY: You can pledge a donation through United Way of CNY and if your company has a matching pledge program you can double your gift! The following is a quote from United Way of CNY, “St. Margaret’s has been approved to receive designations through the United Way of Central New York.  Any of your parents can designate their United Way pledge dollars to St. Margaret’s School by simply writing it on their pledge card  or if doing epledge – they may search for St. Margaret’s and it will pop up as available.”

2. Free/Reduced Lunch Application: You might not think so, but your child may qualify for free lunch (beginning July 2019, all students eligible for reduced price meals are now eligible for free meals). If you receive SNAP or TANF or meet the income guidelines your child(ren) is eligible for a free hot meal at school. FURTHERMORE, each year St. Margaret’s receives what is called Title I Federal Assistance. Title I allocations are based upon the number of students in a school who receive free meals and whose home school is a Title I school. The more students we have who are receiving free meals, the more federal assistance we qualify for under Title I. The program is completely anonymous and benefits children who receive a free hot meal as well as the school as a whole through Title I funding. I would ask that you please fill out an application and return it to the North Syracuse Central School District as we partner with North Syracuse for our food service. You never know, you may be helping not only your child, but all of the children at St. Margaret’s.