LabLearner Science Program

Inspiring young scientists!

LabLearner is a hands-on, integrative, science experience for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6.  Equipped with all things necessary to explore the scientific world such as state of the art microscopes, glass beakers, scales and even white lab coats, the LabLearner classroom is a dedicated space within St. Margaret’s School.

The in-class science curriculum corresponds directly with skills and concepts learned within the LabLearner space.  Following the lesson taught within the classroom, students are then able to put the theory into practice in a research-like approach while utilizing the scientific method (systematic observation, measurement, experimentation and testing/modifying of a hypothesis).  Learning by doing offers children a different path to gain knowledge and allows for opportunity for lessons to be understood more fully from concept, to theory, to practice.

Upon its inception in September 2015, the LabLearner space at St. Margaret’s School was the first ever in New York State and currently is the only one available to students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 within the Diocese of Syracuse.