Panther Cubs Preschool Program Overview

At St. Margaret’s School, our Panther Cubs Preschool focuses on children’s physical, social, emotional, and academic growth.

Preschool Highlights:

  • Fun, active, hands-on learning
  • Developmental curriculum including communication skills, literacy, and daily physical activity
  • Introduction of letters, words, numbers, shapes, colors, patterns and more!
  • Music, physical education, library, Spanish, and religion classes built into the program
  • Creative learning environment
  • Experienced, certified teachers
  • Bright, spacious, renovated classrooms

Nursery School Program (3 year olds)

Our nursery school program is designed to be the first step of your child’s school experience.  The focus of the nursery school program is social interaction with fun learning activities in a warm, nurturing environment.  Nursery school students will be introduced to letters, numbers, colors, shapes and patterns through story time, projects, and other exciting hands-on activities.  Our daily schedule includes time for free play, physical activity, music, songs, and creative art projects.

NOTE:  Children must be toilet trained before starting school in September.  In addition, children must turn 3 before December 1st.

Pre-K Program (4 year olds)

Our Pre-K 4 Program continues building and developing the skills that were introduced in nursery school including letters, numbers, patterns, colors and shapes.  The Pre-K 4 classes also incorporate more language, writing , and math skills into the daily curriculum.  Our Pre-K Program focuses on the development of social skills, fine and gross motor skills, and Kindergarten readiness skills in a warm, child-centered environment.  Daily activities include free play, circle time (calendar, weather graphing, patterns), special area classes, physical activity, creative projects, and outdoor play.

NOTE:  Children must be toilet trained before starting school in September.  In addition, children must turn 4 before December 1st.