Welcome to the St. Margaret’s Alumni Page!

Ever since I became the new principal at St. Margaret’s School and shared my good fortune with others, I have had several people say to me, “I graduated from St. Margaret’s” or “My father was in the first graduating class at St. Margaret’s” or “Oh, my children attended St. Margaret’s and we just love that school. I soon realized that there was a significant number of people in CNY (and I am sure beyond) that have ties to St. Margaret’s School. We often hear about college alumni associations or even high achieving secondary schools with strong alumni organizations, however rarely do elementary schools reach out to their alumni. Well, we at St. Margaret’s School want to change that.  We believe that alumni should be an important part of a school community and at St. Margaret’s we are in the early stages of developing what we hope will be a model alumni organization. A major challenge we are facing is locating St. Margaret’s alumni so that we can develop an alumni database. We will be reaching out through social media, the church bulletin and a soon to be upgraded website.  Attached, please find a link to a St. Margaret’s Alumni form. We ask that if you are an alumni to please complete this form and help us in our efforts to build an alumni database which will help us to develop an active alumni organization. Furthermore, if you know of other alumni, please pass the word!

Thank you and May God bless.

Michael McAuliff

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