School Commission

St. Margaret’s School Commission is similar to a public school board and a PTO mixed together.  It is a group of parents and teachers who meet on a monthly basis with the school principal and the parish priest to discuss school operations, issues and finances.  The commission acts as a sounding board offering expertise in various areas that impact our school.  The commission is made up of 9-12 voting members and is open to all faculty, staff, parents and parishioners.  The main goal is to assist the school we love so much in providing a quality education and Christian atmosphere.

It is further broken down into subcommittees as follows:

  • Marketing: This committee strives to design and implement a comprehensive marketing and public relations campaign with the goal of positive public relations and increased enrollment.
  • Facilities: This committee strives to design and implement a facilities plan to ensure health/safety, security, comfort and functionality within the school grounds.
  • Catholic Identity: This committee strives to maintain and promote a strong Catholic identity within the school, parish, and community. This includes programs that foster interaction between parish, school, and community to establish a broader base of support.
  • Technology/Curriculum: This committee strives to maintain the highest standards of technology and curriculum.
  • Membership: This committee strives to create and appoint members of a School Board comprised of Principal, Pastor, and representatives from the school and parish communities.
  • Finance & Fundraising: This committee examines the school’s finances and strives to develop a sound fiscal plan, while implementing a funding program to ensure a secure financial future. This committee also assists on all fundraisers and social events for the school, such as: Halloween Party, Holiday Craft Fair, St. Patrick’s Party & Auction, Fish Fry Fridays, Annual Golf Outing, Students Awards , Annual School Picnic, Annual Fund & Angel Fund.

Meetings are held the second week of each month (usually rotating between Tuesday/Thursday) during the school year and once during the summer. Subcommittees meet more frequently based on need.

The St. Margaret’s School Commission is an easy way to keep up-to-date on what is happening at the school. The continuing existence of our school is an everyday challenge in today’s environment. We need the help of every parent, grandparent, alumni and parishioner to maintain the success of our school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact St. Margaret’s:

Please join us at one of our monthly meetings!

2019-2020 Commission Meetings (held in the school at 6pm):

  • October: Wednesday-10/9
  • November: Wednesday- 11/13
  • December: TBD
  • January: Tuesday-1/14
  • February: Wednesday-2/12
  • March: Tuesday-3/10
  • April: Tuesday-4/14
  • May: Wednesday-5/13
  • June: Thursday-6/11

Parent Commission Newsletters: